Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and realized that you are the future?

We Are The Future

With the graduation whirl-wind going on right now, most of you probably know at least one person who is taking that giant leap in their lives and dipping their toes into the adult world.

Their future is now. And ours is only a year (or two or three) away.

This world that we live in has changed a lot in the past few centuries. Science is not only a man’s world anymore – many women have broken through barriers and succeeded wonderfully. Men no longer think that cooking is just a women’s job – in fact, some of the world’s most well-known chefs are men.

As graduation time nears, (or has already passed for some of us) you not only ask your graduates what they want to do with their lives, you also ask yourself.

What do you want to do with your life?

Some of us will be scientists. Some of us will be writers. Some of us will be actors. And yet still, some of us will be photographers – preserving those perfect moments for others to enjoy.

We are the future. We will change the world someday. Maybe you don’t feel like it right now, but you’ll change someone’s world. And they will change someone else’s. My question to you is, how will you change the world?

This world we live in isn’t perfect. Nor are its caretakers. But that’s okay. We aren’t perfect either, none of us are. No matter how good that one outfit looks on you.

On one of my favorite TV shows, Girl Meets World, Cory Matthews teaches that the secret to life is “people change people”.

People Change People

When people change, the world does, too. So… People changing people changes the world.

We are the future. One day, we will be in charge of the world. Another thing Mr. Matthews teaches is that the secret to life is “what us does for them”.

What are you going to do for them? When we are no longer the future, but the present, what impact are you going to have on others’ futures?

I don’t know what all we’re going to do. But I do know one thing: We are going to change the world.

But you have to decide how.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Written by Victoria Richardson

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