Love; The thing most of us strive for in life, even though most of us don’t really understand, or truly know what it is.

True Honest Love

In this world today it may be hard to figure that out. Couples today are saying ‘I Love You’ at an early stage in their relationship, usually before they even really know each other. Sometimes these relationships can last a few years and sometimes only a few months or even just a short few weeks. This can cause a lot of heartache to both in the relationship.

What most teens, and even preteens, don’t know when they’re dating and doing the things that go along with dating in this era is that they are doing something that God created for us when we’re at an older age and we’re looking for the person to spend the rest of our lives with.

Most of the time the youth of this generation don’t even know what real love is when they enter into a relationship. They think that it’s about being with someone, holding hands, cuddling, and hugging. But most of the time when they start dating it’s because that’s what everybody else is doing. Some only start dating each other on the basis of thinking that the other one is attractive.

There is nothing wrong with that, but a lot of times it ends up being a short relationship because they find out they don’t get along, that they don’t know each other, nor do they know how to compromise with each other. They don’t yet know what love is.

So, what is love?

Love is, for one thing, knowing the other person and all their quirks and “flaws” and wanting to be with them anyways. It’s about putting that other person and their need’s before your own. It’s about being with them through the good times and the bad times and not giving up on them, even when they’ve given up on themselves or when you hit a rough patch in life; but working through it together. It’s about putting your full trust in that other person. And not worrying about something that might happen, because you already know them better than that.

And, as we all know, love isn’t just for couples. You can find true love in simple things that happen in everyday life.

When watching a mother see her baby for the first time, the way she looks at it and croons to it; there’s nothing else in the world like that first meeting.

When watching a little girl run into her daddy’s arms after she fell and hurt herself. And him comforting her and cradling her gently and the gleam in his eyes when he looks at his baby girl; there’s nothing else in the world like a fathers love.

When a doctor knows that his patient is about to die and sits at her bedside and talks with her until her last breath, so that she has a peaceful last few minutes; there’s no other love in the world like an act of random kindness.

And above all else, Love; Real. True. Everlasting Love. Comes from our father up above. The love He showed in sending His only Son to die for our sins, so that we could be with Him forever. That love will never fade, never die, and never change.

You never have to worry about God’s love leaving you, even if you have strayed from Him. Because no matter what you do, no matter who you are or who you have become, and no matter what’s going on in your life right now, God will always love you.

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