Oh my gosh y’all. I just watched the coolest live video on FaceBook ever! Seventeen went live on 5th Avenue in New York and toured the coolest shop ever. It is called The Period Shop. And it all started with an idea posted on Tumblr.

The Perfect Shop For You Period

This girl named Sarah M was frustrated at the fact that there are so many men’s products advertised for things such as shaving yet nothing for women and their periods. So she made a post talking about a place where a girl could go that had everything she needed while she was on her period. And the Period Shop was born!

U Kotex partnered up with Sarah to create the place she had dreamed about. And many of us other girls have dreamed about too! And after watching Seventeen tour the Period Shop I want to hop on a plane to NYC and check it out myself!

They have all kinds of fun and much needed products in their store that every girl can get excited about!

All I have to say is that I sure hope they open one up near me soon!!

Check out their FaceBook and website!

The Period Shop

There’s another new development in the period industry that I’ve seen recently and it’s called Period Panties! These look like an absolute life saver for any and every girl. They have two different styles of panties for adult women, bodysuits for your gymnast or ballerina, swimsuit bottoms, and most importantly (in my opinion) they have sizes for tween girls. I think this is a perfect thing for young girls who have just started their period or are still getting used to it to help them feel more comfortable and confident during their period. Plus they have several fun colors and patterns! Check out their website and see for yourself! And just in case you’re not convinced yet, here’s a post from an editor at Seventeen who did a review on them!

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