In a world where we are daily bombarded with all the latest news on our favorite celebrities; their success, their failure, their mistakes, their everything, it can be hard to continue believing that our life matters.

When all we see every day, all day, is about the lives of other people you start to think.

“Does anyone even care about what I do?”

                      “Do I make a difference in anyone’s life?”

                                                                                              “Do I matter?”

                                                                                               “What am I here for?”

                                                                                                                   “What’s the point?”



 “Would anyone even notice if I was gone?


When we hit that last thought we’re pretty much at rock bottom. We lose our will to live. We don’t see a point in trying for anything if everything we do is meaningless.

And that’s where thoughts of suicide start to creep in.

My Life Matters

But if you give up, if you take that path and make the choice to end your life, the world is seriously going to miss out on something big.

What if you are the one that is going to invent time travel?
What if you are the one to find a cure for Alzheimer’s?
What if your are the one to figure out how to fly to Mars?
What if you are one of the next Presidents? What if you are the world’s best neurosurgeon?
What if you are the next greatest scientific mind in history?

And I can hear you saying, “Yeah, but what if I’m not.” Oh, but what if you are. What happens to all of us if you are and you end your life? Where will we be without you?

Just remember this; One life can change the world.

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