Lately I’ve been learning that in everything, you need to just let go and let God.

Let Go And Let God

When we let worldly distractions become our main focus in everyday life, we begin to lose sight of our goals and life becomes hectic and chaotic.
When we keep all of our focus on God and his word everyday, life goes more smoothly.

No it isn’t perfect.
Far from it.
But it is no longer out of control.

In everything we do we have a choice.
We have the choice to choose to follow God and what he’s telling us to do and to follow the path he has laid out for us.
Or we can choose to ignore him and make our own path and figure things out on our own.

I continue to find out that the latter of choices leads to frustration, heartbreak, and out of control situations.
I recently almost cost myself a really good friendship by listening to my emotions rather than to what God was telling me. I sure hope that I learned my lesson though, because I never want to come that close to losing a friend again; especially if it is because of my ignorance.

I’ve also learned that we continuously need to give things over to God. Day to day things; maybe a school paper or maybe a job situation. When you let go of these things and give them to God it lifts the weight right off your shoulders. You’re saying “God, I need help.” and He will take that burden and help you with it.

Sometimes we have to completely give a situation over to God and say “God, there’s nothing I can do in this situation. I give it completely over to you to decide what to do.” and you have to wait on the answer.
Sometimes it will be “No” and that will be hard to take.
Sometimes it will be “Maybe” and you have to accept that he will let you know his answer in his own timing.
And sometimes his answer is “Yes”

The hard part is the waiting for the answer.
But if you stay faithful, He will give you the answer in time.
His time.

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